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Album Review

Pacific Patterns Releases Stellar New EP “Purple Garden”

To this day music plays an intricate roll in our daily lives, history, and society as a whole. It is a blend of resonate frequencies that can describe feelings words simply cannot. Becoming a professional in music in this day and age takes time, practice, patience, understanding, and a burning desire to express the human being that you are. Christopher Pertersen, a.k.a Pacific Patterns, innately understands this and has been working diligently to obtain the level of mastery he has reached.

His new EP Purple Garden is a piece that took him the entirety of this past year to compose and was created with the upmost love and compassion for his craft. The entire piece has a strong identity and the coherency is apparent as each track smoothly plays from the first to the last. The EP creates an entire world for you to dive into and explore the inner workings of Pacific Pattern's mind, heart, and soul.  The opening track “Birdwatching” is a lush, soft, and calming song. Beautiful bell melodies, a gripping 808, and the sound of birds and rain fill the intro as it dramatically glides into a beautifully arranged future track. This sets the mood for the entire EP as the rest of the tracks falls into what could be considered a similar genre, but each has its' own unique aura.

Many find electronic music to be extremely repetitive because the song formats that are used tend to get beaten into a dead horse by those imitating the most popular producers styles. However, this is not the case for Pacific Patterns. Even though you can define his music with established genres, his originality and want to be nothing but himself shines through each track, adding to the emotion of the songs overall.

From a technical standpoint, his tracks are nothing short of a savant's compositions. Not a single note falls out of tune, and the tracks have space and room for everything incorporated allowing each element to shine on its own each time you listen. His drum fills and beats are beyond organic to the point that they take on a life of their own. They create momentum when they're supposed to, break when they're supposed to, and create an incredibly strong foundation for listening. You cannot help but groove along to each song. As he continues to grow, don't be surprised to see the name Pacific Patterns on many line-ups soon. Check out Purple Garden below!

You can follow Pacific Patterns on: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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