I would seriously be in remorse if I didn't do a write up for this hidden gem that appeared on my Soundcloud feed the other day. I was casually driving across the country when I heard it, and I've been so in love with this song that I haven't been able to stop and even put it into words, but alas here is my attempt at doing just that.

Pacific Patterns is a producer based out of Portland, but let me tell you right now, this kid is practically a classical composer in the modern era. He has a level of mastery that is almost incomprehensible to the average listener. The song starts off with blissful arpeggiations, and a calm groove that slowly builds up over time into something so far fetched you couldn't even begin to imagine. By the end of the song it is all neatly tied together in a near divine way.

The technicality of his drum fills could fool you into thinking a real drummer was on the track the entire time. His sound design is so impeccable, it'd be nearly impossible to become bored, and each 4 bar section of the drop is different from the last; contributing to the overall flow of the song. Some might consider a song a short story, but this one is clearly a novel. There's romantic parts, there's HEAVY parts, there's parts that want to make you cry, and parts that bring you legitimate joy. My hat goes off to you Pacific Patterns, Continue to do what you're doing, because it is oh so right. Check out the track on the High Noon Artist Pact below and be sure you give Pacific Patterns a follow for more genius work!

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Carter Rowland
Hey there! my name is Carter Rowland, a 20 year old from Houston, Texas that's moved to California in the name of music. While I'm following my dreams and attending Icon Collective, I also take time to write things about my inspirations in the industry. If you enjoy all forms of electronic music lets be friends!
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