Over the past couple of years, Disprove has had various releases with different labels. During this time he has built a reputation as a talented producer. On June 8th that reputation will solidify once more. His Oppression EP will hit airwaves on that date, courtesy of MethLab Recordings. Five tracks are on the release: “Origin,” “Oppression,” “When I See You,” “The Damned,” and “Autolyse.” Here at EDM Sauce, we got a sneak peek of the full EP.

“Origin” kicks things off with a bang, or I should say a boom. Deep bass, screeching rises, tight percussion, and arpeggios make this a dancefloor stomper.  “Oppression” has a more subdued feeling, but it is still heavy. It starts off slow but additional drums come in, making the progression of the track a treat to listen to.  “When I See You” has the same tone. It is for appreciating, more than reacting. Chilling vocal samples and eerie soundscapes stick out most in the song, in the best kind of way.

The next entry, “The Damned,” features MC Hijak. Disprove did not change his sound for the vocals, and it works. Keeping with the theme of the EP, together the artists create an ominous world. “Welcome to the village of the damned. Where no one leaves, so take my hand. I will guide you on a journey, see where the snakes lie…” Those lyrics of Hijak’s tell us there some heavy stuff ahead, and the rest of the song fulfills that prophecy. Last but not least, “Autolyse” continues with the creepiness. The highlight of this track is the choir vocals howling, steadily picking up intensity. It is an apt ender for this EP.

Disprove's Oppression EP creates a delightfully dismal atmosphere filled with deep bass and solid drum work. It will be available via MethLab Recordings subdivision BNKR on June 8th. Down below are previews of “Autolyse” and “Oppression.” Happy listening.