We just reported to you how incredibly massive the sixth installment of Tchami's ‘Confessions' mix was. I mean this mix was packed wall to wall with house heaters that will keep you going for some time to come. When we picked apart the pieces a little bit and reviewed the track list courtesy of 1001 Tracklist we noticed the opening track is a delicious ID from Skrillex's latest collaborator.

Yes that is correct Habstrakt is back and this time with some help from Dustycloud. Tchami has decided to feature his fellow Frenchman prominently in this mix. The track samples the famous, ‘devil convinced the world he doesn't exist' monologue from the Usual Suspects and then proceeds into a massive house drop that will MAKE you move. Like you will not have any choice in the matter. Check it out below, it is the first track in the mix.