When he's not DJing and tearing up the stage, Getter is modifying his beautiful Audi R8.

For Getter's latest car modifications, Getter decided to have Impressive Wrap cover his Audi in Avery gloss dark grey and had Zito wheels installed. “Love it dude… Hell yeah!” Getter says. “About to skurrt on out of here, dude!”

In the past, Impressive Wrap also did Marshmello's BMW i8 in Satin Pearl White with Gloss Black Accents.

Check out the video below from Impressive Wrap as they fix up Getter's new Audi R8 and Marshmello's insane BMW i8.

DJ Getter – AUDI R8 full wrapped in Avery gloss dark grey / Zito wheels installed

DJ Marshmello's BMW i8 Full Wrap in Satin Pearl White w/ Gloss Black Accents