As Flux Pavilion is currently on his ‘Around The World in 80 Raves' world tour, Flux has support from Trollphace, Spag Heddy, Moksi, Kayzo, Wilkinson, Jaykode, G-Buck and Francis Derelle. During one of the last shows, Flux Pavilion decided to surprise fans with a VIP of DJ Fresh's “Gold Dust.”

DJ Fresh's “Gold Dust” originally came out in 2010. Later that year, Flux Pavilion decided to take a stab at the track by releasing his remix via UKF Dubstep. The remix currently has 46 million views and counting. Flux Pavilion plans to extend this tour until June 10th where he'll end his tour in Dallas, Texas. Does Flux Pavilion have any other releases up his sleeve? Only time will tell at this point.