Little did Calvin Harris know that when he released his third studio album 18 Months back in October of 2012, that it would be his most defining moment of his career.

With singles such as “Bounce,” “Feel So Close,” “We'll Be Coming Back,” “Sweet Nothing,” and “I Need Your Love,” Calvin Harris' 18 Months was one the best dance music album releases of all time.

Today, Calvin Harris took the time to respond to some of his fan's questions via Twitter.

During this time, the Twitter user @SupJwall said that he was taking “legal action against Calvin Harris” because the song “School” wasn't longer. “School” is one of the shortest and most underrated songs on his third studio album. The song lasts just 1 minute and 47 seconds, but even Calvin Harris knows the mistake on that song. Calvin Harris agreed that he “fucked up” on that song.

Should Calvin Harris remake this song?

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