Trance up & comer Profetik is a LA based progressive trance producer in his late twenties. He has been refining his sound for years and was mentored by two iconic trance names; Jason Ross and Ost & Meyer. A real technical magician, Profetik has a knack for combining unique, festival style basslines with the strong emotions traditional progressive trance elicits. This release represents the first of 7 signed tracks already scheduled for 2017.

His new 2 track EP on Adrenalin Room features 2 euphoric trance track titled ‘Jericho' & ‘Advocate'. Beatport:

‘Jericho' is an absolute masterpiece. With beautiful vocal chops expected in a trance track & multiple solid bassline build up's this has a very Anjuna feel to it. It is progressive enough to keep you dancing and has enough trance elements to keep you in the euphoric frame of mind. This is a track that will keep you engaged throughout the entire journey.

‘Advocate' is one euphoric track. Filled with wonderful basslines and amazing piano pieces that lead into an epic trance build up, it brings you in and takes you on a ride. This track also has a very Anjuna feel to it which is an amazing quality as they produce some of the most quality tracks in the whole genre. This track has all the qualities of a brilliant trance track and that exactly what it is.

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