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BROHUG – The EDM Trio Ready To Take Over The Scene [Exclusive Interview & Mix] [The Recipe Volume 007]

BROHUG the DJ/producer trio from Sweden and the masterminds behind ‘brohouse' are ready to take the EDM scene and shake it the f*$k up. Tired of the commercial side of the EDM world, BROHUG is on a mission to disrupt the conformity and blast their music and bring back the realness of dance music, with funky house beats, and genre bending songs and remixes. Below check out this EXCLUSIVE mix and interview we did with the guys and if you live in Houston, San Diego, or Los Angeles check them out THIS weekend as they are starting to kick of some live shows around the world!

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Houston – Stereo Live

San Diego – Bang Bang

Los Angeles – Create Nightclub

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How did you guys meet?

– We met a long time ago at different nightclubs in Sweden, but it was 1,5 years ago when we ended up having studios in the same complex that we started working together. And we have been working together every day since then. 

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How did you come up with the name Brohug?

– Two of us are actually brothers, and the third of us nickname is Hugge. And together that's BroHug. 

Who are some of the biggest musical inspirations behind your music?

– First of all, the reason why we started working together was because we were all kind of tired of what we were doing at the moment individually. We suppose the project was born in frustration of the scene, we wanted to make things cool again, without aiming towards radio. We get influenced by people who has the guts to do things differently. Tchami is one of them. 

Whats some tips for up & coming artists like yourselves?

– Be original, work your a** off and never give up. Quitters will never make it.

If you guys could go B2B with any artist, and play any venue, who and where would you chose?

None right now, BROHUG will be good enough 😉

What does the summer have in store for you guys? Any new music or collabs?

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– We have so much music lined up! Also this summer is all about touring for us, a lot of festivals and great club shows. 

What do you guys do in your spare time?

– Family and video games. Sometimes we hit the gym.

What is you favorite home cooked meal?

– One of us says he make the best lasagna. One other says chili and the third do this crazy guacamole. The kitchen is a nice office besides the BROHUG studio.

Favorite Junk Food?

– Pizza.



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