Every year, our good friends at DJ Mag put together many Top 100 lists which circle through the dance music community sparking tons of agreement and debate. Regardless of how you feel about their polling and the results that arise, it has become clear over the last few years that these lists have a big impact on our scene and are here to stay. One of their most comprehensive and agreed upon lists is their Top 100 clubs list. This year Space Ibiza, as did last year, took the trophy as the best club in the world to no one's surprise. Many clubs moved up and down in their positions on the list from last year, however a new feature of the list this year was a small side poll asking fans what their favorite festival in the world was.

This side bar experiment came back with a result that does not shock us in the slightest. Ultra Music Festival gained even more prowess taking the top spot in DJ Mag's list this year. Ultra is an experience that we at EDM Sauce hold very near and dear as one of our most important events of the year, as many others in the community do. We had the chance to attend and cover the festival this year as well, you can check our our review of Ultra 2017 here. Take a read, and get a better idea as to why this festival comes with yet another aspect of high praise!

Source: DJ Mag

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