Last year, Diplo wasn't impressed too impressed with EDC Las Vegas. Moments after taking a look at the main stage, Diplo tweeted “EDC Main Stage looks like Walt Disney present princess castle on crystal meth. How do you guys play that thing and look at yourself in the mirror?”

Diplo Walt Disney EDC

Even Rukes chimed into the conversation when he tweeted “If you give someone the right amount of money, they will DJ in an owl's crotch.”

It didn't take long before Pasquale Rotella took shots at Diplo though. Pasquale Rotella uploaded a picture of Diplo wearing a strawberry on his head in order to promote HARD Summer.

One year later, fans were surprised to see Diplo's name on the list of DJs booked for EDC Las Vegas 2017. It didn't take long until someone brought up his EDC main stage claim last year, which Diplo responded accordingly.

Take a look at the official EDC Las Vegas 2017 lineup!