The PRMD DSCVR Series, similar to other traditional label series, has been releasing a single from an emerging artist every month to showcase new and unknown progressive tunes. Organized under Avicii's PRMD record label, the latest release for the series was a future bass bop by Inverness called “Can't Keep Us.”

It's a bouncy, bass-driven number, that which combines a variety of electronic elements to create a production reminiscent of artists who have been at the top of their game like Chet Porter, Flume and San Holo. With that being said, however, Inverness ultimately lands with a song all his own. It's hard to pin down, but listen to “Can't Keep Us” by Inverness below; and let us know what you think!


Sean Reis
Hey my name's Sean and I'm 21-years-old. I'm an aspiring writer, a poet and a wanna-be artist. "Worlds" changed my life and I may or may not (but likely may) be in love with Porter Robinson.
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