Big room house, festival trap, and tropical house are heard a lot during festival season. It is a time where artists of those genres can get their big break as well. Here at EDM Sauce, we think one house producer could have that dream realized. We present the newest entry to the under 2,500 club, Mr. Raden.

With only 546 followers on Soundcloud and no official Facebook page, Mr. Raden has a small online presence. That is about to change, courtesy of Spinnin Records' Talent Pool. Every week Spinnin Records will listen to demos producers submit, and pick one for their Talent Pool Track Of The Week. In week 15, Mr. Raden’s “Can’t Get Enough” was selected for the honor.

The first twenty seconds of “Can’t Get Enough” includes thumping bass and percussion. Then, it slows down to make way for a proper rise. High energy synths accompany the drop, giving it a very bouncy feel. With support from Spinnin Records and Mike Williams, you could hear this track again if you are hitting up big festivals. Take a listen down below, and be sure to follow Mr. Raden on Soundcloud if you like it.

I am AJ. My music taste is eclectic and my personality is electric. I listen to nearly all genres, but DnB and house are my favorites. Amtrac, Maya Jane Coles, Current Value, Deru, and Lucio De Rimanez are my most listened to artists. The first eighteen years of my life were spent in South Jersey, followed with stints in York, PA and Seattle, WA. Currently I live in Nashville, TN.