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Swedish House Mafia Reunion at Coachella 2017 – All The Evidence Broken Down

The potential of a Swedish House Mafia Reunion at Coachella 2017 is starting to gain more traction every day. While we ran a similar article around the evidence of why we believe Daft Punk potentially could be announcing something big at Coachella 2017, we are now turning our gaze to something equally as insane. Yes we know what you are saying – ‘no way, Steve Angello is too bitter', or ‘Axwell and Ingrosso are doing fine without him!'. So while this concept is a bit far fetched we have seen some trends that point to the unlikely. These indicators could be something, or they could be absolutely nothing. Still there are some signs we need to examine a little closer or else we would be doing our readers a disservice.

Swedish House Mafia Reunion at Coachella 2017 – The Summer 2016 Proximity Update

Last summer is when things started to pop off around rumors that Swedish House Mafia was planning a return. The main focus (well honestly – the only focus) was around the popular Youtube channel Proximity posted this picture on their Facebook page –

Swedish House Mafia Reunion at Coachella 2017

Proximity then followed it up with the fact that they had heard from many legit sources that the guys were planning something big for 2017. Axwell /\ Ingrosso management outright denied the claim, but actually left the door confusingly open. So while this does not mean much – it is the spark that started the fire. Now lets get down to more recently info on why a Swedish House Mafia reunion at Coachella 2017 is looking possible.

Swedish House Mafia Reunion at Coachella 2017 – Steve Angello Gets Cryptic

A few days ago we reported that Steve Angello had started to get weird on Twitter. Even answering his own tweets with some what of a chorus from his imprint, Size Records official account. Well he kept it up. Each day he tweets out a message revolving around letting ago a character defect and sites Coachella April 14th as the reveal date. It seems like Steve is letting go of hard feelings for a possible Swedish House Mafia reunion at Coachella 2017.

Yeah all of those tweets being sent out almost 24 hours apart on the dot are clearly pointing to something. While yes this totally could just be referring to new music, the apologetic nature of the tweets are what is exciting. We know the group ended things on well, less than the best terms. Maybe the guys are ready to mend things up. We hope so for the sake of a Swedish House Mafia reunion at Coachella 2017.

Swedish House Mafia Reunion at Coachella 2017 – Axwell /\ Ingrosso Acting Nostalgic

The two members of the house mafia who stayed together have been doing some suspect behavior themselves recently. The first piece of information worth noting is the shear amount of SHM the duo played during their Ultra 2017 set. I mean yes of course the guys ride on some of the more popular tracks to hype up the crowd, but it was excessive in their Ultra set.

What's more is that the Axwell /\ Ingrosso kind of trolled the audience. After playing ‘Reload' as well as countless SHM hits the guys announced that someone was missing from the experience. Everyone held their breath for Steve to walk out but instead they skyped with fans over the screen. You can see the clip below.

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Axwell /\ Ingrosso further pushed a bit of hope for a Swedish House Mafia reunion at Coachella 2017 with the upload of their Ultra recap, which you can watch below. The caption reads – “Miami was just the start. 2017. More Than You Know.
(Edited to I Love You. Stripped. Out April 21)”
. While we have to assume this is just a release date for their massive hit ‘More Than You Know' – it is also during the second weekend of Coachella. Also the entire phrase of ‘Ultra was just the start' is tantalizing.

Swedish House Mafia Reunion at Coachella 2017 – The Conclusion

All three of the guys – Seb, Steve and Axwell are doing stellar in their individual efforts. It seems that the individual success might have put a nail on the coffin of hope surrounding a reunion. That being said there have been some signs here and there. Steve Angello is definitely planning something freaking wild for Coachella. There is no doubt about that. Axwell and Seb are also both obviously feeling the SHM vibe recently. Will this add up to the reunion we all want? Only time will tell.

Swedish House Mafia Reunion at Coachella 2017

More on Coachella and Seb, Steve and Axwell

Axwell /\ Ingrosso lit up Ultra Music Festival with some of the best IDs we have heard in awhile. You totally have to check these out.

Coachella just announced their daily schedules today for weekend 1. There are conflicts galore. So if you are interested in checking out Steve's set for the off chance of an announcement, make a game plan here!

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