If you weren't lucky enough to catch any of Miami Music Week or Ultra in person, perhaps you were like me and tried to catch as many streamed/brodcasted sets as possible. One of these sets was during Miami Music Week when Electric Area played a set from Audien, who performed at the SiriusXM Lounge. Audien mentioned in an interview before the set that he would be playing his latest track “One More Weekend”, a track that he'd been sitting on for a long time. After I heard “One More Weekend” for the first time in that set, I could tell it was going to be an instant hit!

Now, shortly after the debut of “One More Weekend”, the track has been officially released. The track begins with a soft piano melody which has that familiar Audien ‘feels' sound. The drop has a fun Progressive feel that instantly makes you dance. “One More Weekends” vocals are easily recognized as the sound of the rising star, MAX. Audien definitely hit the nail on the head by bringing in MAX, because his vocals pair perfectly with the melody. Audien explains that part of the reason for the delay of “One More Weekend” was finding the perfect vocals.

“I’d been searching for the right artist to vocal this record for a while, and a few months ago MAX came along and just crushed it. Working together has been nothing but good vibes, and I think that fun collaborative spirit really comes alive in the song.”

Audien – “One More Weekend (Featuring MAX)” is available now via Astralwerks.