What originally started out as an April Fools' joke, has now become an obsession for many Subreddits.

On April 1st, Reddit compiled a social experiment, Place, which worked similarly to the Million Dollar Homepage. Hundreds of thousands of users banded together to fight for a spot on the blank canvas.

Reddit's Place allowed Reddit users to draw one pixel at a time every five minutes. It took a lot of teamwork to accomplish any kind of design on the board as you'll see below.

Reddit Place Interaction

Made a gif of the timelapse so far

It didn't take long before the EDM Reddit communities banded together to create their own masterpieces.

Monstercat on Place

Monstercat Place

Skrillex on Place

Liqucity on Place

Liquicity Place

Bassnectar's Place Just Couldn't Get It Together

Bassnectar Place

Neither Could Deadmau5's Place

Deadmau5 Place