Last night the popular music blog Mixmag wrote a post declaring that Daft Punk have announced a full 25-date live tour.

The post quickly went viral stating that the “robots will play 25 dates across the world starting this summer, their longest stint on the road since the Alive tour in 2007.” Mixmag even went on to say that the official statement read “Over the last 10 years the Daft Punk sound has become much more instrumental. We will be performing with a full live band on all dates and have asked the most illustrious musicians in the world to come with us.”

Even though the article was posted on March 31st for Americans, the published date reads April 1st on Mixmag due to their headquarters being in London. Unfortunately folks, this was just all one big April Fools joke.

Why Daft Punk May Actually Tour in 2017:

On a side note however, here's the reasons we believe Daft Punk may have something up their sleeves for Coachella.