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Euphoria Music Festival 2017 Pro Tips From EDM Sauce

So Euphoria Music Festival is just around the corner now. I mean like just over a week left before we all descend down upon Carson Creek Ranch for 4 days of freedom from the binds of society and are just able to bask in festival glory. Euphoria Music Festival is a really well run festival. Trust us…we have been reviewing festivals all over the world for years…and this one without a doubt impressed us last year. So much so that we would be crazy not to return. That being said while they're not too many problems in traditional sense, there are some things you should know and be ready to tackle before arriving. So we have put together a beautiful list for you so you can come prepared and focus more time on having fun than logistics. So take a look at our pro tips!

Pro Tip 1: Take Advantage of the Saturday River Clean Up and Other Work Shops

Euphoria Music Festival

Euphoria Music Festivalhas a seriously beautiful natural landscape. It lies on a ranch which is on the banks of a river and a tribunal creek. That being said music festivals are a difficult thing for the environment. While lately more attendees have become a lot more conscious of their impact on nature over the weekend, there is always more we can do. That is why it is crucial to help out with the Saturday river clean up! Euphoria is partnering with Chaco Sandals to help clean up Carson Creek on Saturday as well as go over some of the basics of environmental mindfulness. Check out all the other awesome FREE workshops ranging from music production, daily yoga and introductions to flow arts as well!

Pro Tip 2: Plan For All Weather and Temperature

Euphoria Music Festival

April means a lot of different things in different places. While in Southern California and Florida it means that it is already going to be scorching hot, in Texas it means that anything could happen at anytime. The State is unpredictable and Austin is as bi polar as you can get in regards to weather. We know too many people who never heed this warning and on the first night when it dips to the 40's they are shaking in their Fluffies and/or bro tanks. Be smart, be prepared for temperatures ranging from the high 80's to mid 40's. Also remember that this is not the desert part of Texas, Austin is a humid place and rain is common. Make sure you have waterproof zip lock bags for electronics and a rain fly for your tent.

Pro Tip 3: Be Smart With The Food Trucks People!

Euphoria Music Festival

Picture this: You have been at the festival for a day now. You have pretty much been living off of adrenaline and probably alcohol. Then it hits you – you are starving. The incredible array of food truck options which Euphoria Music Festival offers is a sight for sore eyes. This is where you need to remember how the human digestive track works. You will get a gigantic plate of mac'n'cheese and down it in 5 minutes after not eating anything for 24 hours. You are going to explode one way or the other. Be smart! Bring snacks, eat and drink water throughout the day. When you do eat…do not eat like it is your last meal. Take your time. If not you are going to get intense intestinal distress (diarrhea). If that does happen you need to be drinking twice as much water as you normally would!

Pro Tip 4: 3 Things You Need To Have For Camping at a Festival

Camping at a festival is an entirely different experience than just attending for the day. So if it is your first camping festival let me tell you three things that almost everyone neglects that you absolutely need. 1) Baby Wipes. Yeah you read that right. Baby Wipes are crucial as showering at a festival can become difficult, expensive, timely and gross. Baby Wipes allow you to freshen up the important parts, and take the layer of dust and dirt off before hitting the sack at night. 2) Sunscreen. Do not be stupid and think you will not need it. It will destroy your entire experience if you get burnt on the first day. 3)Flashlight…it seems like an unnecessary archaic device in the time of smart phones but serious…when your phone dies after the first day, and you need to see what is going on inside your tent, you are going to want one.

Pro Tip 5: Do Not Sleep On The Dragon Fly Stage at Euphoria Music Festival

Euphoria Music Festival

We know how it is hard to pass up many of the acts of the main stage. Especially this year. The line up is stacked with headliners who will of course be burning down the largest stages at Euphoria Music Festival. That being said there is a stage that will make your dreams come true right around the corner, down by the river. The Dragon Fly stage is a fan favorite which last year showcased some of the absolute best up and coming acts. What is more than just excellent music alone, is that once night falls the stage is home to some of the most incredible 3D digital mapping displays. Not only does the Dragon Fly logo come alive but massive faces are projected across the Colorado to the true line on the far bank. It is absolutely unreal.

Hey so there you have it. Those are the tips we think are totally necessary for your survival and enjoyment of Euphoria Music Festival 2017. Trust us, you are in for one of the best weekends of your life. Grab the last few tickets available today!

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