Some may say a marker of success is to be instantly recognizable. If so, Mura Masa‘s latest single “1 Night” has a few things going for it. Otherwise known as Alex Crossan, Mura Masa emerged from The English Channel Islands at a young age, and shortly became well known with future bass jams “Love$ick” and “What If I Go?“. He's got a knack for blending crisp, organic instruments with fat bass and ethereal female vocalists.

Speaking of female vocalists, Charli XCX decided to grace us with her presence over the track. Her metallic lyrics fit well with Mura Masa's choice of steel drums and bongos. The track is distinctly less intense than his previous hits, and is especially in stark contrast with his acclaimed Someday Somewhere EP. Perhaps this is a step in a new direction for the producer. Take a listen and see for yourself.