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Google Freaked Out Users By Reporting Flume Dropped a New Album Yesterday

Okay so first and foremost, Flume definitely did not drop a new album today. I am sorry if you inferred that by the title but that was not my intention. Well at least not THAT Flume. I just thought that this would be a good place to explain what has happened.

I am an android user. So besides constantly getting bitched at for my texts appearing green on iPhones that means that I also have my Google account pretty linked to my phone. One of the features of this is Google gives me News of artists and news items that I have shown interest in through my searches. Obviously I am a huge Flume fan, and today I got kind of a weird suggestion in my suggested stories.

So as any Flume fan would do I immediately clicked on this. Things got even more bizarre after that. A full album came up…well a preview at least. 3 Songs. It was apparently released as an independent album on March 22nd 2017. I mean I was flabbergasted. How is this even possible – he just came off releasing a full LP and two companion EPs?

So naturally I clicked on one of the tracks. The first one to be exact titled – ‘Close Entropy'. Nothing played, but I was prompted to a new search page where nothing really came up except some reddit mash ups. Okay so I clicked on the next track titled – ‘Delta Ebullioscopic'. This brought up search results which were nothing related to music.

This is where the story ended, until I took to /r/edm to ask for some help figuring this mystery out. I got a response that I was in fact an idiot for not just checking Spotify and learning it was in fact THE OTHER Flume (yes there is another artist named Flume who probably hates how nobody can search for him). In my defense I put this together late after a long day…

Anyway so yeah…Google's algorithms only filtered the word Flume so when the older Flume dropped a new album yesterday it told everyone who had shown interest in the Future Classic Flume at some point that a new album was out. Unfortunately it was not the Flume we had all hoped for, if you're interested you can check out the lesser known Flume's album ‘Point of No Return' below. It's actually pretty good!


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