Today, DJ Snake released a Malaa remix of his Aug 2016 Single “Oh Me Oh My,” featuring Travis Scott, Migos, & G4SHI. Malaa, a rising EDM artist since 2015, is a pseduonym for an unknown identity who is supposedly to DJ Snake. What is known, however, is that whoever they are, they know how to construct successful dance music. While the original tune is a typical club bop, Malaa's mix has supplemented it with an
indisputably captivating bassline.

He briefed his fans through twitter leading up to the release, leaving less room for the element of suspense; luckily the song speaks loud enough to override the need for anticipation. This revamped mix retains the catchy chorus that inspired the name, yet develops all other aspects into a heavy, house beat.

Malaa also just released a new song “Contagious,” with a similar signature twist on the classic roots of house music. Malaa's ability to accentuate beats to such strong levels makes it impossible to not dance uncontrollably. He's currently on tour, landing this week at Ultra to be a part of this year's madness, and will be premiering his new music there as well.


Manon Riley
My name is Manon Riley, I am an 18 yr. old environmental journalism student at Point Park University. Electronic music is something permanently embedded into my brain, and will always be a part of me, I've currently been getting into a lot of xander., Moglii, Louis The Child, and basically any down-tempo trap that's out there. I like inspiration that comes from the most obscure places.
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