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Klyne On Achieving Dreams And American Pancakes (EDM Sauce Interview)

Earlier this week, Dutch electro-pop duo Klyne hit the states for the first time. After making music together for a little under two years, Klyne has already garnered a massive amount of attention from fans and media outlets alike. EDM Sauce sat down with Ferdous and Nick before their show at the classic Ludlow House here in NYC. Here, we get to know a little more about their unexpected journey.

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Are you guys ready for the NYC Snowstorm?

FERDOUS:  We heard about it, we had our flight booked tomorrow to Austin for SXSW. We have no idea if we'll be able to fly tomorrow. We'll figure it out.

Nice! You excited for SXSW?

F: Yes! And we're excited to play tonight at Ludlow House. This is my first time being in the USA. It's really cool here. I love the city, it's my favorite city I've been to so far.

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What do you love about it?

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F: Well, the buildings, to start with. But it's more the vibe here that I like, it's really warm. It's something you don't see often in big cities.

NICK: For me, it's like being in a movie. Every movie I've watched that was set in New York is now in front of me. It's the second time I've been here, but that was 10 years ago, so it's basically the first time.

F: We arrived here 2 days ago. I went to my first diner yesterday. That was so cool! We had these traditional American pancakes. They were so good! Then we went to central park, which might now be my favorite place ever. Then at night, we got to see Times Square.

N: We also saw the High Line, which was sick!

The two of you are quite the duo, and I know you have been friends since childhood. What was it like reconnecting?

F: We met through mutual friends. Nick started to do more guitar recordings at the same time I started to produce and make beats. I reached out Nick and asked if I could do some remixes of his recordings, which to be honest, sounded really horrible. (Laughs)

N: Nah, they we're cool.

F: And then, a couple years later, I decided to make actual songs, maybe five or six of them. I sent the batch to Nick and asked “Do you like any of these?” And he said “Well, I like one of them.”

N: That one was Paralyzed.

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F: So then we finished Paralyzed, and it started to get noticed, and that's how we got together as a duo.

I love your music video for Paralyzed, especially the choreography. How do you think dance represents your music?

N: Having choreography really suits our music. But it's not just about the dance I think, its about how they find a story within the music. It was a concept that they came up with themselves, and we really like how it turned out.

Water Flow has a great video as well, tell us more about that.

F: It was shot by a group of friends while on a Eurotrip. They wanted to make a story based on friendship, with subtle elements of the refugee crisis that is going on in Europe. It's about going place with people you love, and I think that is also the idea behind Water Flow.

Speaking of Europe, do you have any show dates in Europe?

F: We have some plans in the making. We want to do some shows in Europe, but we have to confirm everything. Hopefully we can announce them soon.

Any new music that you're thinking about releasing?

F: We just finished our first album! We're really excited about having it finished. It's been about 3 years in the making.

N: It's kind of weird to hear you say “The album is finished.”

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F: It's SO weird.

N: It should be out pretty soon, right?

F: Yeah, it should be released sometime in May or June. Something like that. We have our new single, which will come out next week.

What's it called?

F: Still Not Over You.

N: Which you will be hearing tonight!

F: I think… I think its the first time we'll ever be playing it!

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Are you nervous?

F: Well, not really, I'm just excited to see how you all will respond to it.

N: Yeah, I'm not nervous. (Laughs) He gets nervous, I don't.

Will you be approaching a different sound with the new album, or are you fleshing out what you've started with your Water Flow EP?

F: I think its mostly the latter. We don't really think [the album] is one kind of style or genre, it's what we like to make! I think the album will be a good representation of who we are, which is all kinds of things.

Alright, my favorite question: If you could collab with any artist out there right now, who would it be?

F: Um… I guess we don't really think about that right now!

N: We're still in our “baby phase”

F: Yeah, we're still really developing our sound, and who we are as musicians. When given the opportunity, I guess we would say…

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N: Anyone.

F: (Laughs) Yeah, anyone really!

Where do you see yourself down the road? Where do you want to end up?

N: I want to play The White House!

F: For me, this right here is a dream come true. It's difficult to explain.

N: I think what we're doing right now is a dream come true, within a dream coming true, within a dream coming true. What we were dreaming of achieving when we first started making music, we've already done that. We're here playing in the USA, this is it.

F: We're just hoping to reach as many people as possible. And we hope that people will like it. It's kind of difficult, we haven't really planned ahead.

Yeah, getting picked up listened millions of times, you never thought that would happen?

F: Exactly, and that's weird for us to process. Even after two years, it's all still really beautiful.

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