Dutch duo W&W has delighted many loyal fans with their decision to direct their focus back to trance music. Since their January 27 drop of “Whatcha Need,” they have been working on their recently-announced new alias NWYR: a strong re-direct back to their trance roots.

Dropping a new remix of “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran, NWYR has immediately impressed upon its listeners that it plans to really focus on trance. Right off the bat, the intense synths amplify the otherwise playful original; still, they have managed to kindle a sound totally unique, but sadly without any essence of Sheeran's initial hit.

Transitioning beautifully into a signature W&W electro-house breakdown, it excites listeners for the beat drop about to come. This drop solidifies their mission statement, this drop excuses their transformation of an already-stunning Sheeran classic, this drop leaves me wishing the song was longer than three minutes and 34 seconds.

NWYR will be premiering their first set list, with a full spectrum of highly-anticipated trance, hopefully including this jubilant mix, at Ultra Music Festival in Miami on March 24-26. Check this out below and more from W&W and NWYR!


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