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Best Beat Drop Songs of All Time

In the music industry, a beat drop is a moment in a song where the percussion and other instrumentation drops out, leaving only the bassline and lead melody. This type of drop is often used for dramatic effect, and it can create a sense of tension or release. In recent years, beat drops have become increasingly popular in electronic dance music, and they are often used to transition between sections of a song. Beat drop songs are typically high-energy and upbeat, and they are often designed to get people moving on the dance floor.

A drop or “beat drop” in music usually involves an immense build-up, a break, and a sudden change of bass line, texture or rhythm. In fact, beat drops are very common in the dance music scene. Beat drops are typically associated with euphoria and a sense of happiness. In this article, we're going to be discussing the best beat drop songs of all time. Stay tuned for the best beat drop songs of all time.

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Best Beat Drop Songs of All Time

Core by RL Grime

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“Who do the sh*t I do?” That's the question with this song and one of the beat drop songs by RL Grime ever. The song “Core” was released back in 2014 and has become one of RL Grime's most famous tracks in his discography for good reason.

Opus by Eric Prydz

When Eric Prydz released his fourth single from his debut studio album, fans went crazy for the 2015 progressive house song “Opus.” The song starts at 31.5 BPM and gradually builds and accelerates to a 126 BPM range in just under 4 minutes.

Surface by Aero Chord

Aero Chord's 2016 release “Surface” was released on Monstercat Records and has been a pinnacle for some of the best beat drop songs of all time. Despite being removed from the Monstercat roster due to allegations against him, Aero Chord's songs continue to be highlights of the epic drops in EDM history.

Power Glove by Knife Party

In 2013, Knife Party teamed up to release the hit track “Power Glove” off of the Haunted House album. The album has become iconic in the EDM community and helped accelerate EDM into the masses.

Bangarang by Skrillex

Skrillex recorded “Bangarang” in 2011 and released it on February 16, 2012 off of Big Beat, Atlantic, and OWSLA records. The song instantly became a laser-blasting insanity of a track.

Raise Your Hands by Ummet Ozcan

For this release, Ummet Ozcan released “Raise Your Hands” off of Spinnin Records and has become a hit track for one of the best beat drop tracks of all time. Ozcan ditch the two-drop format and opted for a slow buildup instead, adding to the epicness of this song.

Mammoth by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, one of the most talented duos in the big room house scene, teamed up with MOGUAI to release the track “Mammoth.” With monumental synth work and a big-room style, “Mammoth” is an absolute classic.

Cannonball by Showtek & Justin Prime

In 2012, Showtek teamed up with Justin Prime to release one of the year's hottest released. The Netherland's duo teamed up for the track “Cannonball (Earthquake)” as a follow up to “How We Do” and “Hell Yeah!”.

TSUNAMI by Borgeous & DVBBS

DVBBS & Borgeous teamed up to release one of the biggest big room house songs of 2013. In fact, Tomorrowland stated that the track was the single most played track in the 2013 festival. After being released on Sander Van Doorn's Doorn Records, “Tsnuami” incited a mass craze over the hit track.

Wake Up by Kayzo & Riot

In 2017, Kayzo and RIOT teamed up to release the hit track “Wake Up.” In less than 24 hours, the track racked up a staggering 200,000 plays and it's not hard to see why. With a blend of heavy percussion and heavy bass, the track was an instantaneous hit track.

On My Mind by Don Diablo

While Don Diablo‘s “On My Mind” is a more melodic beat drop song, it still makes the list due to the incredible nature of beat changes in this hit track.

Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix) by Deadmau5

In 2010, Deadmau5 released one of his best songs to date off of 4×4=12 with the song “Raise Your Weapon.” It reached the masses and then in 2011, Deadmau5 allowed Madeon, Noisia, and Stimming to remix his hit track. So without further adieu, listen to Madeon's increase beat drop remix of Deadmau5‘s iconic song.

Easy by Mat Zo & Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson made quite the name for himself at a young age in the dance music scene. Just years later, he released “Easy” with Mat Zo off of his album Damage Control. The track was released as a digital download and debuted at the number 28 spot on the UK singles chart.

Gold Love by Flux Pavilion

In 2014, Flux Pavilion released his track “Gold Love” with Rossie Oddie in anticipation of his “Freeway EP.” The track was debuted on SoundCloud in anticipation of the album which was released later on November 11th.

Worlds Apart by Seven Lion

Seven Lions helped introduce a new style of music into the world, later to be recognized as future bass. On April 29, 2014, Seven Lions released an EP titled Worlds Apart off of Casablanca Records. The EP contained 5 songs including “Worlds Apart,” “Don't Leave” with Ellie Goulding, “Keep It Close,” “Nepenthe” and “Strangers.”

Tennis Court (Flume Remix) by Lorde

While Lorde‘s “Tennis Court” did pretty well, the remix by Flume is truly iconic. In 2014, Flume threw down during his Coachella set with his brand new remix of Tennis Court.” The entire crowd exploded upon hearing the track for the first time and is one of the best beat drops we could imagine.

Why do people love beat drops?

The scientists from McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind in Canada investigated how our brains react to low-frequency pitches and found out that humans find bass easier to follow than other parts of the song.

How long should a drop be?

It really depends on the genre and bpm. Faster songs with more complex beats should have longer drops and more repetitive drops (like Drum n Bass), slower songs with simple beats should have shorter drops (like House or Dubstep).