Here at EDM Sauce, we keep you up to date on fresh releases, but we also try to expose new music to you. This is one of those cases. In this entry we present Pheso. Pheso has few followers, but that deserves to change. We are highlighting two tracks released on March 1, “Opening Up” and “Volkan.” Both songs are off of Pheso's latest project which the artist strives to make as many songs as possible through the course of each month. Then, at the end of every month the favorites will be uploaded to Soundcloud.

Volkan starts off with a space like vibe, and slows to a bassy crawl. Some elements of trap sneak in as the song progresses, providing more energy. The second half of the track picks up the pace and head-bobbing may occur. It is tough to pinpoint which genre this fits in, but that is a good problem to have in this instance.

Opening Up has a much more peaceful tone than Volkan. With an ambient atmosphere and a hip hop influenced beat, this song is reminiscent of Gold Panda’s work. The only problem with this song is that it is too short, we just want it to keep going.

Pheso does not seem to have much of an online presence besides Soundcloud, so if you love what you hear below, make sure to hit follow.

AJ Mallardi
I am AJ. My music taste is eclectic and my personality is electric. I listen to nearly all genres, but DnB and house are my favorites. Amtrac, Maya Jane Coles, Current Value, Deru, and Lucio De Rimanez are my most listened to artists. The first eighteen years of my life were spent in South Jersey, followed with stints in York, PA and Seattle, WA. Currently I live in Nashville, TN.