Paula DeAnda's hit R&B single, “Walk Away”, was one of the hottest songs in 2006.  Unfortunately, the song was very short lived and slowly found it's way off playlists.  Fast forward 11 years later where “Walk Away” would find it's way into Le Youth's hands.  The Los Angeles producer once again took his love for R&B and molded it into a House track.

Le Youth's version of “Walk Away” has a ‘bouncier' melody than the original.  The breakdown is subtle enough to make Paula DeAnda's vocals pop while still being dance worthy.

Personally, this has been one of my most anticipated tracks so far in 2017. I must have played the two throwback video previews of “Walk Away” on Le Youth's Facebook page a few dozen times.  But hey, I'm nostalgic like that.  Now, it's finally here! Hearing this full version of “Walk Away” brings back the memories that the original R&B song brought, and will still be popular enough to bring in new fans 11 years later.

Le Youth's “Walk Away” is available now via his label, Homewerk.