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No, Trollphace Did Not Ripoff Another Song For His Latest Release with Popsikl

A lot of time in the world of dance music blogs, things get a bit misconstrued. Some young, eager blogger who just started writing gets excited about a story and takes it entirely out of context and publishes some BS. It happens from time to time. At one point a story was on our site for a few hours that Adventure Club ghost produced ‘Selife‘ because a former writer thought a joke in an interview was serious. We try to avoid that kind of stuff, but shit does happen. Well we started to see things take off on the Twittersphere about how Trollphace ripped a track off for his latest collab with Popsikl. We need to shut that down fast. Check out the tweet below.

But They Do Sound The Same?!

Yes, yes they do. That is the point. Trollphace has forever and always been a master of working his cynical, jaded attitude into his productions. Something that honestly give his releases a personality that is unlike anything similar artists are doing. “S'mores” is actually a statement about how all EDM is slowly becoming all the same, and how sounds are being constantly recycled. He has done this before with his massive hit with Juju – ‘Vengeance Like a B0:55'.

See? They are both statements about how all of dance music always starts to gravitate towards the popular sound like Matthew McConaughey towards a black hole. Three years ago it was progressive house that all sounded the same. Now, today, it is the low quality wannabe complexstro/future bass sound that is being replicated by everyone, when really we should just let Madeon stick to it. So yeah he took a song and sampled it in his track, but he wasn't trying to get away with anything. Got it? Good. Check out the full track below.

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