Just around a month ago, EDM superduo Zeds Dead released their first compilation EP from their label; Deadbeats. The compilation includes 9 tracks by artists such as RezzMegalodon and obviously Zeds Dead. We covered Rezz's detonating track; Matrix, when it was first released. The first time we were introduced to Nebbra and his phenomenal single, featuring Mike Sabath, was in Zeds Deads Cookout Mix for SirusXM that came out in December.

Nebbra is a producer from Paris who has been working closely with the Deadbeats label recently. He released his first feature EP, You, through Deadbeats about 4 months ago, has produced a Deadbeats mix, and has remixed ZD's single from Northern Lights; Blame.

Since the first time we heard this song in the cookout, it has become an instant classic for us. Something about it just sounds so familiar and relatable between the powerful lyrics and the perfectly mastered and produced sound. The vocals act as the focal point of the song and feature a powerful yet at the same time soft and caressing male vocal. Once the vocals are introduced, Nebbra brings in an exotic xylophone sounding instrument to carry us to the chorus and first drop. That xylophone melody and the vocal melody combine in harmony together and create such a beautiful tone together. The chorus begins when the vocalist sings ‘You' which is then followed by a very powerful drop. The element that makes this drop so detonating is the use of negative space. Throughout the whole chorus, every measure is ended with a split second of negative space. These split seconds highlight the intensity of the song when there is sound. Honestly, it gave us chills the first time we heard it.

Nebbra is currently touring through the US. Check here to see if he's coming to a city near you. 

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