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Pretty Lights Releases Thirty One Live Edits From Previous Tour To Public

Innovator, mastermind, composer, and genius. What do these words have in common? They all seem to describe a character of pure imagination and artistry. Someone who has changed history and found a way to radically alter the world around them in a remarkable way. An innovator in the sense of creation, a mastermind in the sense of perfection, a Composer in the sense of organization, and a genius in the sense of execution. When it comes to electronic music, there are few figures of which we hold to this unbelievably high standard. Of them all, there is one who for years has stuck out to us as a passionate soul, embracing the expressions that flourish from his mind. That man is Derek Vincent Smith, better known as Pretty Lights.

Smith began his journey as Pretty Lights in the summer of 2004, and since then, has captivated audiences and listeners world wide with some of the most intense electronic experiences known to our community. Over the course of his career, Smith has constantly pushed himself to push the boundaries of dance music, overlapping genres, styles, and musical strategies in order to create pieces of composition which he can stand proud for. Fans of Smith have watched him falter at points during the years of his career, but to this day he has never fallen. Still standing tall as one of the supreme rulers of electronic music today, fans were treated to an unexpected gift from Smith and his band that he toured with over the year.

Released today were thirty one “flips” as Smith seems to call them that together Make Up a live album of some of the recent Pretty Lights Band's most memorable performances. Each flip is a particular performance of a particular song from one of the tour stops the act has made in 2016. Songs on the new live album include “Yellow Bird”, “Total Fascination”, “Out of Time”, “High School Art Class”,  and many other PL classics. If you were lucky enough to catch any of the tour dates, you'll be able to reminisce over the incredible memories and moments shared at these shows. If you weren't you'll have the chance to hear what everyone was raving about and see how Smith translates his style into an unreal live experience along with his band of specially picked musicians. Take a listen below, and enjoy the grooves these tunes bring to you today as much as we are.

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