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Deadmau5 Releases NEW Video of Next Level Cube Design

Many of you who have been in the electronic music scene have watched artists, technology, and genres evolve side by side one another. It seems that every day there is something brand new and exciting to check out, and the love and passion for our music just continues to grow further and reach farther than before. However, every once in a while, these evolutions do not change, but rather improve while still keeping the same feel to them that allows for a nostalgic feeling to accompany the new and improved excitement. An artist who has stuck to his style and found ways to continue to improve his technique and expressions is the loved, and also sometimes hated, Deadmau5.

Deadmau5 is a tricky person in our scene, mainly because it seems that he doesn't fit into a lot of the conventional or mainstream areas of dance music culture. As an outsider, he clashes with a lot of other artists and calls out a lot of issues which while controversial, we see as necessary things to have conversations about if we want our culture to continue to grow in the purest manner. We have covered Mau5 a lot on this site, and at this point, we don't think we can get enough of him.

Happily, it seems that Mau5 has been working with a team to bring back the nostalgia of his cube stage production, with new and improved features that allow for a more intense and incredible experience. The company Mau5 is working with is famed live event coordinators TAIT. The company has continuously worked to be the leader in the live production industry and has made quite a name for themselves doing it. In a video presented by Mau5trap, the higher level workers and Deadmau5 himself explain the technology behind the new Cube 2.1 stage. The ingenuity behind the project is fascinating and it seems that fans will be in store for quire a treat when Mau5 begins to tour with this production. In line with Mau5's style, TAIT Chief Creative Officer Adam Davis explained that Zimmerman has been apart of every step of the process and has understood and been apart of every step in the process of building the new stage set up. Take a look at the video below, and see for yourself what we are all in store for!


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