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Mat Zo Fans Rejoice: A New Tour With Every Style of Zo You Need In Your Life

There are few producers who have been able to create different personas of themselves without shifting their entire image or having to hide their face behind a mask. Producers who have been able to do this are strictly focused on their work and find that when their creative intrigue branches out into other sub-genres, the do not limit themselves. It is a rarity, but when it's done well it catches the eye of the community and inspires a sense of wonder in the artist's fan base. When this type of producer steps on stage, what will you be treated to?

Over the course of his career, Mat Zo has consistently proved himself as one of the most diverse and talented producers who has showed his ability to branch himself out to all different corners of electronic music. He has worked with Above & Beyond as one of the OG Anjunabeats artists, with Kill The Noise on their Kill The Zo project, with The Knocks on a more disco-house style of production, and with Porter Robinson making some of the most beautiful collaborations and remixes known in the electronic music universe. These are just the tip of the iceberg and do not do justice to the original solo work Zo has masterminded as well.

A few days ago the man himself took to Twitter to announce a major tour for 2017 that would feature all the styles that Zo has ever produced within. Citing his last album “Self Assemble” as the inspiration for the diverse tour, he spoke about how the album allowed him to explore all the various influences he has had throughout the entirety of his career, however now he wants to allow each genre to shine on it's own. He is titling the tour the “Self Disassemble Tour” to signify the exploration of each individual genre on its own. He wants his sets in 2017 to lie perpendicular to his diverse sets in 2016.

The tour is set to begin with some Anjunabeats trance sets which will be announced shortly and from there it's off to the races. All shows will be advertised to the genre they will be focused on, in order to give fans the proper experience they wish for. If you're like us, it seems like you'll have to travel far and wide this year to catch every style Mat Zo has. Stay locked to our site to catch more News about this tour moving forward!


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