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Zeds Dead Releases Volume 2 of Catching Z’s

It's about time! EDM super duo, Zeds Dead finally blessed us with the second installment to their Catching Z's series. The first volume came out over a year ago, but has remained one of our favorite mixes to chill out too. The mix featured tracks by artists such as Mr. Carmack, Oh Wonder, Andrew Bayer and Bonobo. The first time I heard this mix, I was so starstruck that I listened to it on repeat for weeks on end.

Luckily, the newest Catching Z's mix not only lives up to the expectations but exceeds them. The mix features a perfect compilation of familiar tracks and a healthy sprinkling of throwbacks (all the way back to 1801. Yes, the year). ZD features artists by the likes of Ghost Loft, Drake, and Mr. Little Jeans.

The mix starts off with a new song from Zeds Dead's most recent album; Northern Lights. Fitting the Catching Z's mix starts with a track named ‘Slow Down‘, as it sets the tone for the rest of the mix. Chill, relaxing, beautifully comforting lyrics, and peaceful instrumental. After this track, the duo begins to slowly master in peaceful white noise samples that sound like light rain with ominous echoing vocals. A large portion of the mix is filled with this sort of in between track mixing that is executed flawlessly by the duo.

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The mix begins to pick up again around the 17 minute mark with the powerful track ‘Trouble‘ by IDYLL, an up and coming electronic / space jamz duo from Chicago. This track features heavy 808's and once again a powerful yet southing female vocal. This track is immediately followed by Drake‘s ‘Madonna‘, to represent Zeds Dead R&B influences. After these tracks, Zeds Dead introduced their signature track ‘Sleep Late' which is featured in both Catching Z's mixes. The song, which lacks an artists in both track lists, is almost poetic in sound. Indescribable by words and non genre conforming as well, we'd love to have it released by the duo, or by anyone frankly.

By this point in the mix, ZD blesses us by introducing a heavier baseline and more pop influenced vocals. Mr. Little Jeans edit of Arcade Fire‘s hit track ‘The Suburb's‘ makes us just want to go outside in the rain and belt the lyrics at the top of our lungs. Then, Stwo‘s track ‘Lovin U‘ returns us right back to that chilled yet mysterious vibe, while sticking to the theme of powerful female vocals.

To close out the mix, expect the unexpected. First, ZD drops an R&B classic that I know every word to thanks to Karaoke Revolution. The Fugees ‘Killing Me Softly‘ serves as the final lyrical installment to the mix. But for the grande finale, DC and Hooks do the unthinkable; mix in ‘Piano Sonata No. 14‘ by none other than Ludwig van Beethoven. Truthfully, this song almost brought tears to my eyes at its sheer beauty and encouraged me to go listen to a 6 hour mix of Beethoven's top hits.

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