You may remember Marshmello's single “Ritual” he released in early November last year. You also may recall he coined it “his favorite song he’s ever made.” And if you've had the chance to see Marshmello perform in recent months, there's about a 100% chance you've also seen him perform it live.

But at one of his most recent shows, he decided to change things up on his fans. He previewed an official remix of the song by bass producer, Ray Volpe. And damn. From what we heard, the remix is the extra-heavy dubstep version of the once calm, cool, collected track. How do we know this? Volpe shared a sneak peek video on his Facebook page yesterday of Mello at an undisclosed show premiering the song in his set.

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No word on when the complete official remix will drop, but this preview sure has us amped to hear the song in its entirety.

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