Feeling heady? Feeling shready? Looking for the perfect blend of jam band and EDM? Cory Wythe, aka Marvel Years is the guy for you. The producer and guitarist has been on the scene since 2013, and has made waves with his glitchy, funky sound. Marvel Years has established himself as a powerhouse by consistently releasing new tracks and mixes. 2017 is no different for him, with the release of “Lifted”, the new track off of his EP “The Arrival”.

Since his live debut opening for Pretty Lights, he has gone on to tour with heavy hitters GRiZ, Gramatik, and Break Science. The artist is known to improv during sets, fusing instrumental skills with his electronic finesse. Whether you're at a festival or in your bedroom, Marvel Years will rock your world. Take a listen to “Lifted”, and download the full EP while you are at it!

Download the free albums here.