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We Fact Checked the Evidence Around Rumors of Skrillex Taking a Break from EDM

So lately there have been some insane rumors around the idea that Sonny Moore is potentially taking a break from his legendary EDM moniker Skillex. These rumors have ranged from blogs reporting that he has basically already denounced dance music forever to just a run of the mill conspiracy theories. Almost all of this information is coming from the Skrillex subreddit.

Lets take a look at the evidence:


1. Skrillex released a new track with his former band ‘From First to Last', rumors circulate that he is officially reuniting with them.


Honestly this one is not very substantial in terms of reasons for concern. Skrillex is a man of many names. Skrillex at any given time has had at least 2 full EDM projects going at the same time – and all of them were getting love and attention. Sonny Moore deciding to reunite and release tracks with From First To Last does not mean his dance music life is over, just that it might be a bit neglected.

2. Skrillex does not have any tour dates for 2017.


So when you visit Skrillex's official website there are absolutely no tour dates announced. No for real…check for yourself here. OMG LETS ALL FREAK OUT. Wait no…lets just look on song kick and find that he has several performances planned. Mainly in Las Vegas! Yes, check for yourself again.


3. Skrillex and Diplo are not talking or something petty like that.

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Yes apparently Skrillex and Diplo are not talking. Slushii the up and coming producer who garnered a ton of attention from Sonny revealed in a chat with fans that the guys who made up Jack U are now at odds for some reason. What this has to do with Sonny not producing as Skrillex we do not know. Sonny Moore has consistently produced as Skrillex even when he is working with another artist on a side project. So just because Jack U is dead, does not mean Skrillex is.

4. Skrillex hinted at it in his year end wrap up.


The last rumor going around is that Sonny ‘signed off as Skrillex' in his year end wrap up. In our opinion this is relatively ridiculous. His closing words were more wrapping up the year and not wrapping up his career as an electronic music producer.


Honestly we can almost say that these rumors are just that – rumors. While signs point to the fact that 2017 might be a more quiet year for the man behind the biggest name in bass music, there are no real signs pointing to him stepping away from the decks. So relax people.

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