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JahkR releases new Electronic Trap track, “Future of Doom”

We have stumbled upon something that is quite interesting, very unique to our ears indeed. This has the mixing of a couple of genres thrown into a pot and made into one unique sound. Bear with us, JahkR is an up-and-coming producer so we know that he has to take risks to make himself different with the masses. That is where “Future of Doom” comes in.
“Future of Doom” really is quite different from the oversaturated market of Dance and Electronic music. For one thing, we feel as if this is perfect for a new upcoming Horror film as the build up is nerve-wracking to say the least. He uses vocals from a choir to use the prototypical Horror sound that many flicks use. Let’s put down that the first genre we sense is Gospel, shall we. Immediately after  the intro, we get the quick percussions very famously being used in Trap music nowadays; interesting to pairing but has been done before. What else does this piece need? Heavy Bass perhaps, to have the horror hit you back. Sprinkle in a string-quartet and piano keys to really set this track apart; a la Mozart-esque piece that really captures the fear of the 18th century standard of living. From our guess, there are at least 3 or 4 genres being rolled into one pot and the final product is “Future of Doom”. As we have stated before, quite interesting indeed. Let us know what you think below.


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