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BREAKING: Gunshots Reported During Closing Night of BPM Festival


– Rumors start to spiral that BPM is now banned from Playa del Carmen. That 2017 will in fact be the last year for the festival in Mexico 12:21PM Central Time 1/17/17

– Eyewitness accounts state there were 5 gunman dressed in leather jackets trying to gain entry. Security turned them away, they returned with guns. Only two breached door after security were fired upon. 3 were eventually detained. Gunmen were supposed cartel members who shook down event for not being paid extortion money. This is an unconfirmed personal account. 1:04AM Central Time 1/17/17



– Police announce over 20 casings from three different weapons were found. Conflicts reports of lone gunman. No info on if any security was armed or returned fire. 5:51PM Central Time

– Police are investigating reports of second shooting on beach near Blue Parrot. Local police confirm not terrorism. Local media all but confirms gunman was cartel related. 5:44PM Central Time

Long time and loved Toronto bouncer Kirk Wilson among victims in shooting. 5:37PM Central Time

– Names of victims and location of wounded have been released. If you have not been in touch with loved ones yet please check this list. 4:50PM Central Time

– CNN Reports the violence started when security did not let an individual (possibly shooter) into the event from the front of Blue Parrot; statement below 2:29 PM Central Time

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“A preliminary investigation indicates that the shootout began when members of event security tried to stop a person who entered the club with a firearm, Pech Cen said.”

Full Photo Album can be found here from NY Daily News (WARNING GRAPHIC) 12:27PM Central Time

– Local authorities refuse to disclose if gunfire broke out from a drug dealing dispute, which is most reported cause 12:18PM Central Time

– Reports from the Telegraph UK – Among dead are 2 Canadian men, 1 Italian man, 1 Colombian man and one women who was trampled to death by guests trying to leave the club; statement below 12:11PM Central Time

“Organisers said in a statement that at least four people were killed. Authorities later confirmed that five people were dead. One of the victims, a woman, was killed during the stampede from the club.”

– Reported from CNN – 3 in Custody and are being interrogated; statement below 12:04PM Central Time

“Authorities in Mexico's Quintana Roo state say they're still trying to determine who was behind the shooting — and why it occurred.
A preliminary investigation indicates that the shootout began when members of event security tried to stop a person who entered the club with a firearm, Pech Cen said.
Investigators found 20 shell casings at the scene.
Investigators are interrogating three people, the state prosecutor said, but it's unclear whether they were involved in the shooting.”

– One more civilian succumbed to injuries bringing death toll to 5. 11:15am Central Time

– BPM has officially released a statement. One lone gunman has killed 4 and wounded 12. 3 of the 4 who lost their lives were members of the BPM Security team, who died trying to protect guests. They will live on as true heroes. Here is there full statement 10:15am Central Time

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4:30am Central Time We Are Stopping Live Updates Until Confirmed News Is Reported. Will Begin Again.

– International media has consistently reported death toll at 8. Low estimates at 3, high at 12. 4:22am Central Time

– Reports from Mixmag state the shooting was an isolated incident at Blue Parrot 4:15am Central Time

– Mexican news outlets facing noticeable backlash from twitter for not reporting 4:12am Central Time

– US News Outlets still have not reported stories, false reports rampant from UK Tabloids 4:10am Central Time

– News of shooting has hit Europe and Australia – 4:03am Central Time

– While many sources are starting to agree on death toll and cause, there are still no official reports 4:01am Central Time

– All reports coming in now citing cartel activity and drugs as cause of shooting 3:57am Central Time

– At least one of deceased victims was a Blue Parrot Security Guard 3:42am Central Time

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– Reports from UK Daily Mail that shooting occurred through an open window 3:39am Central Time

– Reports are coming in that security at Blue Parrot attempted to protect club goers from gun fire 3:36am Central Time

– Source on scene: at least 8 rounds fired from .22 caliber weapon at blue parrot 3:18am Central Time

– While initial reports were shots had been fired at two events, so far only Blue Parrot incident is confirmed 3:05am Central Time

– Shooting is starting to be reported heavily as Cartel related 3:01am Central Time

– BPM has officially canceled and shut down all events 2:56am Central Time

– Conflicting Reports if shooting took place in front of club or from the back 2:46am Central Time

– Sources on site report that new death toll is 8: Working on Confirmation 2:44am Central Time

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– Highest estimates from twitter are 12 dead UNCONFIRMED 2:41am Central Time

– Many news outlets reporting 5 dead still yet to confirm 2:37am Central Time

– Early reports state that THIS WAS NOT TERRORISM – likely gang turf or possibly (but unlikely) cartel related 2:29am Central Time

– At least 3 dead CONFIRMED 2:16am Central Time

– Reports rolling in death toll could now be as high as 6 UNCONFIRMED 2:15am Central Time

– Artist JACKMASTER tweets that death toll could be at 5, many wounded UNCONFIRMED 2:12am Central

– News at least 2 dead from twitter (UNCONFIRMED) 2:05am Central Time

– Police and Ambulances on scene 2:02am Central Time


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Twitter News Updated as it comes in –


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^[Translated – 2 reported dead UNCONFIRMED]^

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We have just gotten word from our writer covering the BPM festival in Mexico. The closing event Elrow was taking place at The Blue Parrot when gunshots rang out at the club. Preliminary reports are that at least one person has been shot.


This is a developing story. We will continue to update this article as confirmed facts start to flow in. As of now we advise you check in on friends and family members who were attending the festival. Our thoughts are with everyone down in Mexico.

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