Glastonbury, one of the world's largest and most renowned music festivals has announced some interesting news. Michael Eavis the festival's founder announced during an interview with the BBC that in 2019 Glastonbury will be moved 100 miles towards the midlands (inland for those not familiar with England) from it's historic Worthy Farms location.

All Images Courtesy: EPA
All Images Courtesy: EPA

The announcement came as a shock to many but Eavis was quick to mention that the move would not be a permanent change. It would hurt Somerset (the town closest to Worthy Farms, who reaps economic benefits from the festival) in serious ways for Glastonbury to leave forever. Instead the move will occur every five years so the land at Worthy Farms can recover. As the above picture shows, a festival of this magnitude can do serious harm to the local environment. This is what makes the move a brilliant and also necessary idea. It needs to be implemented as several large festival sites around the world to make sure the natural environment to take care of itself once and awhile.

There were permanent plans to move Glastonbury to Wiltshire’s Longleat estate but soon city council raised hell about the plans by vetoing discussion. Micheal Eavis decided to cancel the move in favor of the plan outlined above. An exact site has not been announced for the move but we applaud Glastonbury for being environmentally conscious.

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