Alone Architect, also known as Jeff Feldman, is a Los Angeles based producer originally from Montreal. Canadians are known to be cheerful folk, but as the producer Rezz has shown us, Canada does have a dark side. Alone Architect is a prime example of that northern darkness. Faded, featuring Dani Poppett, is the most recent single released by Alone Architect and it is the perfect combination of tenebrosity and allurement. I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff and he had this to say about this beautiful piece of music.

Faded is a love song. It’s a song about the veil between our world and the spirit world. It’s a story from the perspective of someone who recently died & finds themselves unable / unwilling to leave our physical world behind for fear of losing their true love and never finding them again.

I am really interested to see what is in store from Alone Architect. If Faded is any indication of the talent brought forth by this up and coming artist you should be as well.

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