Today, the King of Slime and Experimental House Lords have come together again. Snails & Botnek have teamed up one more time for a brand, spanking new collaboration. Their first collab “Happy Hour” was just a sneak peek at what this trio is capable of. As for this new track? Honestly, we’re probably “2 cool” for the whole thing.

“ur 2 cool” is basically a bass-bouncing anthem to anyone who’s ever made you feel some type of way. The first part of the track is fast-paced, as it climbs higher and faster, all while reminding us all that if “you think you’re f*cking cool, I won’t f*ck with you.” The first half of the track is definitely Botnek going H.A.M., while Snails settles in and builds up the slime.

The build is pretty epic, and then…there it is – the grime that we all know Master Vomit for. Snails dribbles the bass up and down and all over the place to finish us off. This song definitely leaves you wondering what they’ve got left up their sleeves, because you know there’s something else there.

The good news is that Snails may have alluded to more stuff from this trio on the horizon “sooner than you know” on his Soundcloud. This track “ur 2 cool” is also the first single off of Botnek’s upcoming EP, Buffering. It’s a dope track, so no matter where it’s coming from, we’ll be on the lookout for more.