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Flumes Continues To Ride the Wave of 2016 with New Track

Let's start off with the elephant in the room. I nailed the pun in the title. You will see why in a minute, or probably immediately as you choose to skip my writing and watch the video below to hear the song in it.

Flume has dominated 2016. His sophomore album, “Skin” will most likely go down in history just as his self titled debut did, as one of the more important electronic albums of all time. He is not afraid to think outside of the box, experiment with sound design, and challenge the status quo. His latest track “Quirk” continues this trend. It will be officially released on the 12″ Skin Companion EP in two weeks time on the 25th. Which we should note has already sold out.

Flume lays the track as the background music to a video of him catching a wave in Kelly Slater's monstrous wave pool in central California. The track is the perfect companion to the act of surfing, it glides along and glistens beautifully. Check it out below and wait patiently with us for Skin Companion.

Featured image by: Julian Bajsel


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