Global Dance Festival in Arizona is only 10 days away now folks. Honestly, you would be absolutely crazy to miss it. Global Dance has paved the way for the electronic music festival scene in Colorado for years now. Usually holding its landmark events at the iconic Red Rocks. Now they have expanded to Chandler, Arizona at the Rawhide western town and event center. Yes…take that in for a moment. This festival is taking place around a old time western town. Things are bound to get rowdy.

If you are for some reason not entirely convinced for the aforementioned rowdiness well then I scold you for not trusting me, but also gently encourage you to take a look at this epic line up of insanity.


Yeah so right off the bat you have Bassnectar and Nero. Two of the most highly regarded and sought after bass acts in the world, at the same festival. The entire state of Arizona will be lucky to survive those two alone. Then you take into account all of the stellar acts working as support and you have a festival for the ages.

Now take a deep breath and realize that this event is taking place on only ONE DAY. I doubt you need anymore convincing on why you need to get down to Arizona immediately. So without further adieu, you can purchase tickets here. Well just for fun, check out this trailer and we better see you there!

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