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Just A Gent’s New EP is Your Weekend’s Must Listen

Earlier this month, I had the privilege to preview the young Australian talent's newest project, and let's just say, from one producer to another, this is the proper evolution of music. Just A Gent exploded onto the scene at the ripe age of sixteen with his American Authors remix, but with time, age, and experience, like all things; he grew. Wonderfully I might add.

This new EP titled Stories To Tell, captures exactly that, a story. Music has always been about telling a rhythmic story, one that can resonate on a high frequency, and capture the moment it is attempting to put you in. This fact is what makes Jacob a musician in a truest sense, because he can accomplish that goal. There is not a single track on here that is not well arranged, well mixed, or boring. Each has a unique sound, beautiful melodies, and sweet sweet powerful saws on the chords, and how he get's that perfect detune the world may never know.

All of the songs remain true to Jacob's story and personality; you can really feel how much time he put into his craft. I'm not necessarily saying he took a long time on this project specifically; no one can truly tell you how long it takes to write great music. Some songs come in an instant, some songs take months-even years- but you can feel his the sheer years spent practicing music and dedicating his mind to nothing but. This is the revival of art in its' truest form, not just another pop culture artist hopping on a trend. To all who want to feel inspired, look no further.

On top of the EP, he released two very special videos, one live preformance of “Heavy As A Heartbreak” and his very own rendition of Kid Cudi's “Day N' Nite”.  You can check out the tape and videos below; be sure to share your thoughts and support Just A Gent by giving him a follow and sharing with your friends!

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