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Woogie Weekend Review

Woogie Weekend. It's an art and music festival run by The Do Lab (the same folks that run “Lightning in a Bottle”, another festival highly recommended to anyone all about the music and people, especially those over the hype of EDC). It was located in Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, which is basically in the OC backyard. Not a bad way to escape for a weekend and its less than an hour drive from most OC locations.


Do Lab events are known for billing up and comer acts, DJ veterans, and local talent from the Do Lab, Dirty Bird, Desert Hearts, Cruz Coalition, Respect D&B, the list goes on. 

Another huge reason to love Do Lab events is that it attracts good people. They've been extremely successful with setting a tone of positivity and healthy living – both in mind and body. The people who attended Woogie Weekend were warm, friendly, and (most importantly to me) mature. Nothing is worse than getting pushed around while trying to dance or someone who is a little too intense that ruins the vibe. I've never been to one of their events where it felt like they oversold the venue to try to pack in the people. There's always plenty of room to dance and chill.

My most memorable Woogie Weekend experience was Claptone's sunset set which perfectly captured that groovy, warm up sound that I needed at the time. The following day Lee Reynolds dropped a perfectly timed “Just Like Heaven” remix (originally by The Cure) which woke me up after being up all night at Respect's drum and bass after hours stage.


Big ups to the Do Lab for putting on another outstanding show for the second Woogie Weekend!

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