Mike Lévy better known as Gesaffelstein is a French DJ and techno producer. In his past, Gesaffelstein has worked with Miss Kittin, ASAP Rocky, Lana Del Rey, Phoenix and Tiga.

During Boys Noize's Reddit AMA, Boys Noize confirmed that Gesaffelstein is working on a new album.

When a Reddit user said “I want to know how good a friends you are with Gesaffelstein and what it's like to go b2b with him,” Boys Noize responded by saying that him and Mike are really good friends. “You know we worked on my album ‘Mayday' together too. His new stuff sounded great.” Later on Boys Noize said “Gesaffelstein and me did some fun stuff in his studio in Paris, but not sure if it ends up on his album.” Well there you have it! New Gesaffelstein is coming!!!


In the meantime, listen to one of our favorite Gesaffelstein tracks titled Pursuit.

Source: Reddit