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Audien At Lollapalooza 2016

Title Photo Credit:  Greg Noire Photography

After a rainy start to the second day of Lollapalooza in Chicago, I got a chance to meet up with Audien (aka Nate) after his wet and intimate set at the Perry's stage.  This was the fist time Audien performed at Lolla.  His spirits were high despite the rain during his set.  In fact, Nate preferred the weather conditions.  “Who doesn't want to rave in the rain?” He said with a big smile on his face.

Lollapalooza is a festival that welcomes all genres.  With set times competing with other acts, and music fans walking around the festival that might not be familiar with Audien music, I asked if he thought of that as a challenge or an opportunity.

“Because this festival is so diverse, the people that come to this festival don't like just one type of music.  They like all kinds, and I play all kinds.  It's the perfect crowd for me.  I like people that like Alternative Rock that also like Dubstep that also like Progressive House.  I play all those things.  For me it's an amazing experience because I get to have a crowd that likes everything.”

It was definitely an opportunity for fans to catch a huge variety of music that weekend.  Talking with fellow EDM fans, they were going to take advantage to seeing acts like Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers over the weekend.

“EDM fans are all 90s kids and grew up with that kind of music.  It will always have a place in their hearts.”

Personally being a 90s kid that also grew up in a small town, I also heard my fair share of Country music growing up.  I found it interesting that Audien collaborated with Lady Antebellum to produce “Something Better”.  I asked how something like that gets arranged.

“I had the song done, and I really wanted a duet.  They're the perfect duet because their music is amazing.  We took a shot and they went for it!  It was kind of a long shot because they're a huge band.  I grew up with their music too and always heard it on the radio.  They're music is so emotional, and my music is emotional, so coming together it was a ‘feelsy melody' of sorts.  They're the coolest people in the business and I love them.”

Another collaboration of different genres, Audien's remix of Bastille's “Pompeii”.  Bastille was also set to perform at Lollapalooza over the weekend.  Because of it's rare to have two different genres on the same lineup I asked Nate if this was the first time they were on the same lineup.

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“It is.  I have met them a few times, but we have yet to perform together.  Maybe one day we will do that.  I know it's their song, but I feel like my remix had a life of it's own.  I'm still getting the huge reaction I always did on that remix.”

Last year, I had the opportunity to interview Audien's friend, Jenaux, who spoke highly of Nate.  I wondered if the two still stayed in touch.

“Jenaux is a great friend and an awesome producer!  He took a turn recently and started a whole new sound.  It sounds like nothing else, so I'm really stoked for him.  I think he's found his sound.”

Like Jenaux, Audien has had some Trance tracks in the past.

“Whatever music we make, it's always going to carry over and have that kind of vibe.  We can't really escape it.  It's that certain type of melody that we all do with big core percussions.  It's the ‘feels' sound.  We can make any genre of music with that.”

Being the 25th anniversary of the well known festival, Lollapalooza, I asked Audien if there were any past performances or memories of Lolla he had, or maybe someone he was looking forward to seeing this weekend.

“I'm going to check out Mac Miller.  I love Mac Miller!  Watching the live stream last year, I can't believe I'm actually a part of it now.  It's kind of crazy!”

Finally, the 25th annivsery is commonly known as the ‘Silver Anniversary'.  If there was one item in the world that Audien could take and turn into silver to give back to Lollapalooza, what would it be?

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“A big music note.  In this particular festival, it's all about the music (oh and the food!).”

Thank you to Audien for taking the time to interview with me during hot and humid second day at Lollapalooza!

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