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Das Energi 2016: Win Tickets, Who to See, What Pokemon to Catch

We are officially under two weeks away from Salt Lake City's own Das Energi Festival. A unique experience set on the shores of the Great Salt Lake itself. We have talked to the founders of Das Energi as well have laid out some basic info about the festival in the past. Now we want to give you an opportunity to win a pair of GA tickets to the event. The entry box will be at the bottom of the article but first I want to dive a little deeper into Das Energi's line up and explore some of the non headlining acts that you absolutely cannot miss. I have also conducted a little research and have found which Pokemon inhabit the Great Salt Lake area in case you were planning on using the trip as a good way to continue catching them all. So here are my top five, non headlining acts that you must see at Das Energi 2016.

1. Black Tiger Sex Machine

Black Tiger Sex Machine

Black Tiger Sex Machine

These guys have the best name in the industry hands down, what's more though is that BTSM have taken the world of electro by storm. The trio of tiger helmeted gentlemen have combined original sound design with old school electro roots and arrangements to create a sound that is positively something you have never heard. BTSM hails from Montreal and has clearly been influenced by the indulgent bass scene that the city has to offer. Their freshman effort LP, Welcome to Our Church, was so dynamic and excellent that even with it dropping the first months of the year, it remains a front runner for best album of 2016. Their live show is incredible. High energy, great music, and LED infused tiger helmets…how can you not check that out?

2. Ilan Bluestone


Ilan Bluestone has taken progressive house and trance (I refused to acknowledge “trouse” as a genre) to a brilliant new level. One of A&B's top protege's, the Anjunabeats superstar has quickly changed the game with his big room build ups and airy melodic breaks. Ilan can work so many different feelings into a set that he tells a story through emotion. Going from high energy drops back to lengthy melodic build ups gives the listener an experience that cannot be easily put into words. Ilan has continued to consistently hone his craft and his releases on Anjunabeats Worldwide 6 show that he is no where close to having peaked as a producer yet.

3. Ookay


Ookay has had a few months that not many people can easily understand. The release of his now legendary track, ‘Theif', rocketed him from relative obscurity in terms of main stream exposure, to now an absolute radio superstar. That being said, of course it has; ‘Theif' is a game changing track, filled with saxophone riffs, airy emotional lyrics and an infectious breakdown that beautifully blends bass with house. Outside of that one track that Ookay's live sets are a force to be reckoned with. No genre applies, while he does lean more towards trap and bass, his sets are as dynamic as his releases have been. It will no doubt be an absolute party when this guy takes the stage, so time your water and bathroom breaks accordingly, you do not want to miss Ookay.

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4. Elephante


Elephante is a true master of sound design. He has blended pop, electro, and complexstro house into a beautiful mishmash of sonic perfection. I first become familiar with Elephante with his many remixes, some of them finding homes on impressive lables such as Astralwerks. Keeping up with the phenom, I started to explore his original productions and they were as excitingly unique and expressive as his remixes were as well. I have never seen Elephante live yet, so I am going in blind on this one as well but if he can mix half as good as he can produce there is no doubt in my mind that this set will be one of the best of the weekend.

5. Caspa B2B Rusko


These two need no introduction. The pioneers of dubstep are finally returning to the festival circuit and doing so together. Caspa and Rusko have been relatively quiet the past few years and now are back and better than ever. They have paid close attention to an ever evolving genre and are able to bring out a powerful set full of the best tracks of years ago mixed with present day. This one is for the head bangers, the pit openers and bass lovers. If you have never been a part of a rusko or capsa concert before, I suggest dropping whatever acts might conflict and make your way over to see this duo rip a whole in time and space purely through the power of dubstep.

Pokemon in the Area


So now that you have the artists that I suggest you see, you entirely need to know about what Pokemon are common for the area. Obviously this is America so Rattatas, Pidgeys, Sandshrews and Geodudes are all plaguing the area. The beautiful thing about where the festival is held though, is the fact it is on a giant body of water in a state that is very much landlocked. So water Pokemon are present on the shoreline and wander through the venue on a relatively common basis. So that means Staryu, Starmie, Squirtles and his evolved forms, Horseys, Crabbies, Kinglers, and Poliwags all kind of just show up. Pikachu and Electrobuzz also surprisingly frequent the area as well. So in between sets, jump on the app and see if you can beef up the Pokedex a little bit. If you find Poliwags you better let me know too, I need only a few more until I can evolve my Poliwhirl. Keep in mind the further away you travel from where you started the game, the more exotic Pokemon you will find.

So now is your opportunity to win tickets to Das Energi. You can find all of the info for entry below! So good luck and get on it!

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