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The Das Energi Founder’s Remind Us of the Power of Festivals

Five years ago Das Energi was a twinkle in the eye of both Jeremy Moreland and Brandon Fullmer. Utah had no yet seen a large scale dance music festival and the scene itself was still evolving to the point of one being successful. The pair went for it anyway, knowing in their hearts that in order to build a scene, they needed large scale event. It was the good old, Field of Dreams allusion. Sure enough they went through and built it, and over the past years watched attendees come. Their brain child has evolved into a multi-day event, with a line up that rivals those of some of the nations top festivals, all while taking place on the beautiful shores of The Great Salt Lake. I was curious for the founders to expand on their motivations, their answers demonstrate that not only is the festival in capable hands business wise, but also in capable hearts of two people who clearly want this festival to be something incredibly special for all those who cross the front gate.

Being able to create Utah’s largest EDM festival. We have been throwing events in Salt Lake City for a long time, but this was the first to be taken to a significantly larger scale. We wanted to build a festival something with multiple artists, multiple genres, multiple stages ­ a feat that was previously untouched in this market (Utah/SLC).

Most of our other shows follow a genre theme, but Das Energi (being a festival) caters to everyone’s musical preference. We’re passionate about creating a festival experience with a very artistic background and aesthetic setting. Art installations, presentation, experience, and surroundings are key components to making Das Energi the experience that it is.

Das Energi Festival has been a staple in Utah for five years that provide Utah dance music fans with unmatched memories and the ultimate experience that they can get here in SLC.

das energi women

When it comes down to it, we’re just as excited as our attendees to see the production evolve

I have spoken to a lot of different people involved with hundreds of events over the last few years. The one thing I have come to notice is more important for the success of an event is an ever expanding and evolving vision. The scene across the country looks incredibly different than it did in 2011. All of a sudden dance music has flooded radio airwaves, festivals have cropped up in every major and minor market, and more so than anything dance music has gone from a niche, to main stream market. To stay relevant in an ever changing scene you need to be able to adapt, you need to be able to offer patrons an experience that they cannot find anywhere else. Das Energi and V2 Presents as a whole have continued to believe in this idea which is demonstrated by their success in the Salt Lake City market. So how has Jeremy and Brandon's vision of what Das should be changed over the years?

The vision has continuously evolved simultaneously as the festival and the energy has expanded all around the country ­ every year we add new art concepts, stage branding, area branding, exciting sponsors and vendors, and the top talent that the music scene has to offer.

For the 5­year anniversary (this year), our vision has expanded to two­days and new electrifying experiences. In the past, this market wouldn’t have been able to sustain a two­day event of this caliber but as Das Energi has grown, the market in Utah has grown alongside it.

Das Energi is unique to us and unique to Utah. Instead of trying to be like other festivals across the country, we’ve worked tirelessly to curate something authentic here next to the beautiful Wasatch Mountains and on the shores of the Great Salt Lake!


Event founders know more than anyone about an event before it goes off. They have the line ups first, the stage designs ready to go from drawing board to reality and more than anything the electric anticipation of the event taking off just as they have planned. For this reason I always enjoy seeing what they founders of a particular festival are most excited about for an upcoming installment. It gives us a look into what they find important. That being said what Jeremy and Brandon find important is something uniquely special and meaningful. While yes there is no doubt that they want to see their hard work transfer into a successful event, they care about something so much more pure, something that without a doubt is why Das Energi continues to be the driving force in Utah and the surround area that it does. More than anything these guys want the community that they are a major part of to continue to grow.

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The production! The artists! 2­days! But more than anything, we’re excited to see the scene continue to grow. One of the most fulfilling feelings, has been seeing the growth and recognition coming from out of state. It’s so exciting to see other larger markets take note to what is happening here in SLC because of Das Energi Festival.

The large impact of Das Energi all around the country has made it possible to bring out artists of a caliber that wouldn’t otherwise be able to come to Utah.

When it comes down to it, we’re just as excited as our attendees to see the production evolve and materialize from a drawing at a table to a full-­fledged festival production!


I got a puppy a few years ago, and watched her grow from a little ball of fluff, to now an overweight corgi. Out of context I am sure you are absolutely confused why I bring that up, but when I look at pictures of her as a little puppy I get hit right in the feels. Watching anything, you have given a part of yourself to, grow, is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. Jeremy and Brandon have clearly given all of themselves to Das Energi these last five years. I cannot begin to imagine the emotions connected to watching something like this festival begin to grow, succeed and continue to demonstrate the principles they believe in. I could try to sum up their answer but I think they get to the point pretty perfectly.

We hug and cry at the end of the festival every year. The smiles on the faces, seeing their faces light up, bringing such a positive effect to people’s lives, “the nod”…

Every year, fans share their difficult experiences and rough times with us. They tell us stories of how our events and Das Energi Festival has brought real, positive change and impact to their lives. It is a beautiful thing to see music bringing positive change to people’s lives.

It’s been an emotional roller coaster over the years. There were a few years of major growing pains and concerns about the scene sustaining this large of events, but over time it has paid off and at the end of the day ­ all of the hard work, the stress, and difficult times were worth it. We couldn’t be more grateful for the tightly knit scene we have built here in Utah.

So there you have it. A behind the scenes look at what makes Das Energi so much more than just your average music festival. In the past few years dance music has been tried to be made into a corporate entity. As SFX demonstrated, that is not what is going to sell tickets. You can make a mega festival in every market but at the end of the day they will not succeed without having heart. Das Energi clearly is run by a team of individuals who value community and connection far before material success. It just goes to show that when an ever evolving vision mixes with pure motives and a tight knit community, something absolutely beautiful can be created. So buy your tickets for Das Energi here! Check out their official trailer below as well if you really need more convincing!

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