When Marshmello teamed up with Monstercat to release “Alone” a couple months ago, the new track gave fans “one more thing to be obsessed about!” Marshmello's music and persona had been blowing up, both of which have only continued to do so, and the artist had been building up an impressive year (to say the least).

Unfortunately, though Marshmello preaches nothing but love and positivity, with his fame he has received hate and negative backlash — most notably from another artist who first wore a helmet, Deadmau5. The feud between the two artists has been relatively sporadic, but by releasing an official music video for “Alone,” Marshmello not only sends a message to his fans, but also briefly fires back at the king of all trolls.

The burn dealt to Deadmau5 was quite harmless, merely fun and games through simply naming Marshmello's pet mouse “Joel” after Deadmau5, however, the music video's message went much farther. Watch Marshmello endure the struggles that high school tends to entail for those who may be deemed “different” and enjoy Monstercat's official music video for “Alone” below!

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