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We get it… You Vape Village

Well, well, well EDM's lord and savior Pasquale Rotella has clapped back in 2016, announcing what some claim to be a response to many of the (HARD)er bans on vaping equipment at music festivals lately.

Introducing, Vape Village!


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You've read that right, your beloved nic-fix is permitted at EDC 2016! While many others will have to resort to cigarettes and literally hating life to get that buzz, or simply not blowing dope ass clouds at all (moment of silence for our fallen vapers brah), you'll be coughing it up in the cozy, super sparkly, and very hazy, Vape Village! Let's start the speculation now, cloud blowing comps in the center of the village, am-I-right?

In all seriousness, what does it mean when you Vape Village? Well as your eyes may have gazed upon the beautiful poster posted on EDC's social medias last week, you'll see that vaporizers and even the more hardcore mod's are permitted this year, and multiple e-liquid vendors will have their own section to purchase your e-liquids from. While many of you may be sad that you can't bring in your fav flavzz in, I'm sure you'll find a plethora of that sweet, sweet juice awaiting your arrival.

Now whether you're a fan of vapes or not, we can all give it up to Pasquale for teaching us yet again, what it's really all about. Letting everyone be all about whatever they're all about, as long as they're being safe and mindful of others. Seems like that's missing a lot now a days, doesn't it? I digress.

Tell us what you think about Vape Village in the comments below, and share this with all of your little vaping fiends heading to EDC later this month!


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